What we do

We want to build a strong, healthy and cohesive community, encouraging a green lifestyle that will support a healthier future. 


We own and manage community buildings & spaces.

The community buildings and land that lie within The Steadings estate will be transferred to TSCMT as the site builds and grows and as families and individuals move in and make this space their home. We will transform them into opportunities for the residents and wider community to connect, engage, learn, work and enjoy. Each community space will be run and maintained as a viable, social enterprise, creating environments that support the wider community, generating sufficient revenues to secure their effective running both now and long into the future, returning all surplus revenue right back to you, reinvesting in important community initiatives.  

We run & support projects that wish to make positive change.

We are already speaking with many local organisations, charities and support groups across Cirencester and beyond to better understand the positive change underway in the area. We will work alongside existing initiatives to support and grow successful ideas and consult with the wider community on what is most needed to bring positive change to the area. If you are involved in existing programmes you think could be extended into The Steadings we would love to hear from you. 

Together with you we create a place where everyone feels welcome.

TSCMT’s initiatives will create beautiful and enduring places; with spaces for attractive streets, gardens and squares; space for residents to grow their own food; imaginative and innovative play spaces; and open spaces to engage with the wider countryside and immerse oneself in nature. The spaces developed within The Steadings are not just for residents, but for the wider community, welcoming groups and individuals alike from the wider Cotswolds district. A place that people from surrounding communities visit for work or leisure. 



Join us in shaping your local community.

From donation to volunteering – there are many ways to get involved. All profits from our work are reinvested in the local community and your support will help us grow a thriving community.