Growing a thriving community.

Our goal is to create a place where people aspire to live, work or enjoy leisure time. 

About us

Who we are

The Steadings Community Management Trust is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which will take ownership of the community buildings and land within The Steadings estate and use it to respond to your needs. We want to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits to you. As a Community Management Trust, we own, manage and maintain green open spaces, community facilities and services, children play areas and other community assets. 

What we do

The Steadings Community Management Trust will work to support both the local and wider community, and our role will evolve alongside the development and the local need. We encourage and support people to empower them and enable fantastic community initiatives and projects using the community buildings and land transferred to the Trust for your use. We will be asking what you want, what’s needed, what already works that we can help build on, and then we will help to make it happen.

Join us in shaping your local community.

From donation to volunteering – there are many ways to get involved. All profits from our work are reinvested in the local community and your support will help us grow a thriving community.