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A place to call Home

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This autumn will see the very first community building opened for residents of The Steadings, managed by The Steadings Community Management Trust (TSCMT). Based in a residential home within Phase 1A, it will enable early families and individuals settling in the area to have opportunities to meet each other, connect and start up some early support programmes.

Ideas for activities to take place within the space already suggested include mums and tots groups, book clubs or a chatty café get together, but options are endless. Residents, as they move in will be invited to suggest support and services they would like to see provided in the space, which will be reviewed by the management group to establish the greatest need and help bring in organisations able to deliver them. As The Steadings builds out and further, bespoke community buildings are constructed the venues will be assigned specific purposes, but as the first of its kind the new community building will serve multiple purposes, to ensure it helps the maximum amount of residents. 

Watch this space for more news of its location and anticipated opening towards September of this year, and if there are activities you would like to see don’t hesitate to get in touch and suggest them at [email protected].