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The eyes and ears of the community

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As we move towards the exciting landmark of the first occupancy at The Steadings it takes us to the next stage of developing The Steadings Community Management Trust (TSCMT). Operated to date as solely the board of Trustees, it is now time to bring in the eyes and the ears of the community, to ensure the voice of all those living and working in and close by the development are involved in the evolution of the community spaces.

TSCMT is now going out to actively speak with some of the key stakeholders in and around Cirencester, ensuring all members of the community are engaged. Representatives include individuals from the town and district council, local education and charity representatives and residents from the nearby area. The Management Group, likely to comprise of seven people once fully appointed, will meet regularly to help inform Trustees of community needs, advise on potential partnerships to best support The Steadings residents and those living in the wider area and help shape the development of community land and buildings. 

Initial conversations are being held to gauge interest and experience, to create a Management Group that incorporates skills sets that will serve the community well going forward. It’s hoped that the team will be complete and starting to progress actions and exciting talks about the first community space by the summer.

Individuals that would like to express an interest in taking such a role on are encouraged to get in touch – the Trustees would love to hear from you, and if there is not a vacancy at this time then it may be that there are further opportunities down the road. For further information or to express an interest please send us an email to [email protected].